Real Life Maths – Year 3

This book will help you succeed . . . 

This interactive digital coursebook is:

  • a completely downloadable resource
  • 100% interactive even when offline
  • Compatible with MacOS and IOS devices

This interactive book will support the learners to achieve the most by the help of:

  • latest interactive tools
  • interactive widgets
  • 21st century intensive technological support for a continued teaching and learning experience.

Students can:

  • read it
  • listen to it
  • add their own notes
  • highlight important points using several highlighting options
  • self-review their progress at the end of each concept.

This interactive digital textbook encompasses:

  • theoretical topics along with their pedagogical objectives across the curriculum
  • interactive widgets providing a vast range of variety for both teachers / learners
  • diverse levels which does not only satisfy the curiosity of learners, but also provide teachers a resource to develop interest and enthusiasm in their learners
  • glossary to facilitate all the possible aspects of a particular topic by establishing links to various other aspects, creating a profound comprehension of knowledge and continued interest in the learning process

It is an ideal resource for schools and home learners / homeschooling.


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