How to Create and Activate an account on Our eBooks Store?

1. Click on sign in icon on the ribbon bar.
FAQ - Home Page Sign-in
2. If you are already an account holder then use the sign-in option.
FAQ - Signing Up
3. If you are a new user then enter a valid email ID and click on Create Account button.
FAQ - SignUp 02
Note: You must have a valid email ID to complete the registration process.
4. Once you click on the Create Account button. You will be redirected to a confirmation message page.
5. You will receive an email from info@sf-publishers.com. This email will have a system autogenerated password and an Account Activation link.

FAQ - Msg-Activation-Email
6. The Account Activation link will automatically sign you in and will direct you to your Account Dashboard. This will include the information about your orders, downloads, addresses, account details and a logout button.

FAQ - DashBoard

How to Purchase & Download an ebook from Our eBooks Store?

1. To access Our Digital Store, you can click on the menu bar or on the DISCOVER MORE button.
    You can also search a product by typing its name in the search bar.

FAQ - Our Digital Store
2. You will be directed to our Products page.
FAQ - Our Digital Store - Product List
3. Now you can choose a book and use the ADD TO CART button to add it to your shopping cart.
FAQ - Add-Cart
4. You can view the added product(s) in your Cart from icon on ribbon bar or through the View Cart popup link. This will direct you to a new page.
FAQ - View Cart Page
5. Here you can see the list of books you added to your cart, their pricing and a subtotal of all the products you plan to buy.
    If you have a Coupon Code, click on the “+” sign and add it here.
FAQ - Coupon Code
6. Click on the Proceed to checkout button to continue the buying process.
FAQ - Check Out
7. Complete the Basic Profile Details and Address Details. When you have finished entering your information, click Place Order button.
FAQ - Billing Details
Note: Your payment(s) are handled by an Authentic Gateway Service Providers. So we assure you a top level security and secrecy.
Rest assured that SF International Digital Publishers do not store your financial details!
8. You are going to receive a Payment Invoice via email after your order is placed. Which will include information about order and other billing details. You can now download the book from the download option in your email or from your Account Dashboard.
FAQ - Invoice with Download Link
This downloading process may take some time depending on your internet speed.
Once the download is complete you can open it in Books app.
We promise you an amazing learning experience . . .
It’s time to enjoy 21st Century Learning!

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