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We Develop digitalized Curricula to cater the needs of digital learning processes. Specialist in Academic / Educational Digital Publishing Processes / Apps Development.

  • Mobile apps development / Publishing.

  • Interactive module development.

  • W3C Digital Publishing Activity.

  • Digital Distribution.

SF International Digital Publishers have added a brilliant phase in the world of education by providing a platform for educational interactive digital course books/Apps. Our digital books/Apps are a unique combination of age appropriate content which is meticulously supported by interactive media and diverse assessment tools. SF International Digital Publishers provide their services in publishing digitalized books/Apps for mac-OS, iPad, Android based tablets and Windows based tablets.

Our interactive digital course books/Apps support learners to achieve the most with the help of the latest interactive tools. Learners can read it, listen to it, highlight important points using several highlighting options and even add their own notes if required. The interactive widgets provide 21st century intensive technological support for a continued teaching and learning experience, evoking the sense of critical thinking in our learners, to equip them for a futuristic world.

Our Vision Statement
Our Mission Statement

Our digital edition of interactive course books and Apps encompass;

  • Theoretical topics, along with their pedagogical objectives across the curricula.

  • The interactive widgets provide a variety of learning tools for both the facilitators and their learners which not only satisfy the curiosity of learners, but also provide facilitators with a rich curricular resource to develop interest and enthusiasm in their learners.

  • The glossary section establishes connections with both online and offline links to various other aspects of each topic, thus creating a profound and integrated comprehension of knowledge and continued interest in the learning process.

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This website (www.sf-Publishers.com) is owned and operated by SF International Digital Publishers LLC.

You can contact us by using our website contact form, by email to info@sf-publishers.com.

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SF International Digital Publishers LLC is a company registered in United Arab Emirates and under company number 2115949. Our registered office Office address is: Shems Media City, Free Zone, Sharjah. We sell eBooks on our online eBooks Store.

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